Our Technology


We are fully computerized in every one of our patient treatment rooms. Our computer network was built with your personal information in mind and designed for security. You can be confident that your information is safe. In the event that we need to refer you to a dental specialist, digital records and x-rays allow for your transition into that office to be hassle free.

dentist software


Our digital X-ray system reduces up to 90 percent of the radiation traditionally used for your dental X-rays, making your needed x-rays much safer. Digital x-rays require less time to take and are viewable instantly on our high-resolution monitors.


We use a computerized cavity detection system to ensure that we are offering our patients the most thorough examination possible. Logicon Software is clinically proven to help dentists diagnose dental cavities on permanent teeth more precisely than traditional methods.

dental xrays


We take our sterilization measures seriously. We use the highest form of sterilization available, to ensure that you are safe and healthy throughout your dental treatment.

dental machine

Computerized Shade Matching

We use the state-of-the-art Vita Easyshade Advance 4.0 to determine the best and most lifelike shades for your crowns and veneers. This technology provides us with more exact shade selection, therefore, saving you time.


We will submit your dental insurance claims electronically which allows for more accuracy and faster processing.


You will be impressed by our strides toward going green. We send our appointment reminders via text message and email to reduce the usage of paper. Also, our digital x-ray processing reduces environmental waste by not requiring film development chemicals and having to dispose of hazardous waste materials. We have taken the following steps:

green dental technology
  1. Installed High-efficiency fluorescent lighting.
  2. Installed Digital x-rays which eliminate the manufacturing and disposal of developing chemicals, the film, and film packaging.
  3. Significantly reduced the use of paper and energy by using electronic delivery of patient communication, ie. no more postcards.
  4. File insurance claims electronically eliminating paper and mailing.
  5. Use all energy star computers and monitors.
  6. Computer controlled thermostats to reduce energy consumption.
  7. Eliminated the use of silver amalgam fillings to remove all mercury from our fillings and use an amalgam separator preventing ground water contamination.