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The Best Farmer’s Market Finds for Your Teeth

Get the Best for your Teeth in this Year’s Farmers Market!

Farmers Market season is around the corner! Yes, it’s that time of the year when you get the chance to show-off the ‘fruits’ of your hard ‘labor’! Soon, you will be flocking to the market to reap the benefits of freshly-produced food. For those visiting, we encourage you to buy, as the benefits of those freshly produced goods can be ginormous! But in your search for the healthiest foods for you and your family’s body, don’t forget your teeth!

Here are some of the finest fresh foods at the Farmers Market that will help you keep those teeth healthy, bright, shining, and white!

Dairy Product:

We have all heard that milk is good for teeth because of the high level of calcium and phosphorous it contains. Well, so is cheese! While children may not like milk, who doesn’t love cheese?!Not only does the calcium helps in fortifying your teeth, but it also contains casein protein, which repairs that decayed enamel. Plus, cheese balances the PH level in your mouth, thereby resulting in fewer cavities.


Chewing on some of those raw, juicy carrots can have great benefits. The carotenoids in carrots are not just there to give them their vibrant orange color, but they also repair the mucous membranes of the mouth and gums and help remove that irritating, persistent plaque. And chewing carrots massages the gums, thereby reducing toothache to a considerable amount.


Yes, we know that just the name of this pungent vegetable is enough to make you cry. But believe it or not, eating raw onions can have great benefits for your teeth. Onions are natural antibiotics; their sulfur compounds will immediately kill all bacteria on your teeth. No wonder they are so strong!

Leafy Greens:

They look better than they taste, especially if you add a variety of them to make a salad. But believe us when we say that their health benefits are even better than they look! Most leafy greens are rich in folic acid, a type of vitamin B that prevents gum diseases by making your gums more resilient to dental plaque and anaerobic bacteria. Also, adding a salad of leafy greens to your everyday breakfast helps counter that bad breath, ensuring a fresh breath all day long. Be sure to include kale and spinach to that salad for their high amounts of calcium content. And asparagus for the high amount of phosphorous it contains, which is stored by your teeth to help better absorb calcium and magnesium from those other leafy greens. If you don’t like the look of that plain old salad, make it creative and colorful or turn those leafy greens into interesting side dishes such as roasted broccoli, zucchini noodles with pesto and peas, or sesame garlic roasted asparagus!


Eating thinly sliced apples is easier, but biting into a full apple is much healthier for your teeth. The simple act of biting into and chewing apples results in the production of saliva which in turn, washes away harmful bacteria from your mouth. Although they should not be considered substitutes for brushing, apples are natural scrubbers of your teeth, removing those unwanted leftover food particles from your mouth. Plus, the fibers in the apples stimulate the gums, keeping them healthy and moist.

Plums and Peaches:

Those juicy plums that you will see on your visit to Schaumburg farmers market contain bundles of vitamins and minerals that are absolutely essential for healthy, white teeth. Not only are they rich in Vitamins like A, B, and C, which are essential for healthy gums, but they also contain large amounts of calcium, phosphorus and fluoride to keep your teeth white and shining. Similarly, the phosphorus and the vitamin C content of peaches keep the jaws strong and healthy.

The Farmer’s Market is not only a great way to spend summer afternoons, but can be extremely beneficial to your dental health! Next time you go, see if you can find these delicious fruits and veggies. What are some of your favorite farmer’s market finds?

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