Ways to Protect Your Teeth on St. Patrick’s Day

It’s that time of year again and St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re planning on spending your holiday celebrating with friends and enjoying the festivities, be sure to think about the potential consequences of your actions when it comes to your oral health.

With alcohol playing such a large role during St. Patrick’s Day, it stands to reason that the negative effects of drinking will also come about. In fact, according to a study performed by CNBC, there is a massive spike in emergency dental visits on and after St. Patrick’s Day. But it’s not just a bar fight or a fall that can affect your teeth on St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some helpful tips to protect your teeth this St. Patrick’s day!

Avoid Green Food Dye

One of the most common traditions on St. Patrick’s Day is adding green food coloring to beer or other foods. While it certainly adds to the fun, all that green dye can actually hurt your teeth and cause permanent discoloration in some instances.

As a general, rule, if your dentist at Smith Family Dentistry has recommended that you avoid dark-colored drinks like red wine, coffee, or cola then green artificially colored foods/drinks should also be avoided. The good news is that in most places you can request that they withhold any food coloring.

Eat Real Green Food

While corned beef and cabbage may be a staple for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s also not the healthiest choice when it comes to oral health. Try to mix in some leafy greens like kale and spinach this year. They are chalked full of mouth-healthy vitamins, like Vitamin C which can help boost the production of red blood cells and reduce inflammation. These foods also require more chewing due to their high fiber content, which is good for gum health.

Be Prepared

At Smith Family Dentistry, we handle all sorts of dental emergencies, whether it’s a chipped tooth or lost tooth we have the experience and team ready to handle any situation. If you experience any damage to your mouth as a result of a fall or anything else, we are here to help. Click here to learn more about what constitutes a “dental emergency” and contact our office with any questions.

Visit Smith Family Dentistry

If you do find yourself indulging in green beer or two, be sure to brush, floss and rinse with mouthwash thoroughly afterward. If you notice any considerable discoloration, consider scheduling a cleaning with our experienced team here at Smith Family Dentistry in Randolph, NJ. Our team can not only improve your smile with a thorough cleaning, but we also offer advanced cosmetic solutions like teeth whitening options that you can take advantage of.

Contact us today by calling (973) 895-5111 to speak with a member of our front office team. You can also schedule your post-St. Patrick’s Day consultation by clicking here.

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